Lyceus Group's President and Founder, Tucker Slosburg, talks about Ark’s decision to name their first chief futurist and how it plays into their marketing strategy.

Tucker discusses the importance of a catchy ticker name.

Lyceus Group Founder shares his thoughts on why he thinks companies should increase their marketing efforts.

Tucker believes TikTok’s appeal to asset managers stems from the fact that it’s a new platform.

Tucker discusses the pros and cons of managers commenting on war between Russia and Ukraine.

Lyceus Group Founder says that SoFi acquiring the naming rights for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is a great move.

Tucker shares his opinion on Finra’s decision to conduct exams on how firms use social media to gain customers.

Tucker exaplins why it's smart for merging managers that plan to change a company name, do so strategically.

Our Founder talks about the value of marketing in the midst of firms trying to cut costs during COVID-19 pandemic.

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